Invitations are stuffed, stamped and mailed!

Thank you to those ladies who helped with the invites, we stuffed 6000 all in one day! The ladies were busy working, but took a break to enjoy an Asian lunch to go along with the theme.  Dorothy did a very nice job decorating the work room with Asian inspired fans and lanterns. We also got to watch via live stream the Candide rehearsal!! 

I appreciated everyone’s help and look forward to our gala in September!Thanks to the following Volunteers and “Associate Volunteers” who attended the stuffing:Jackie Axibund                      Sherrin Baky-Nessler

Martha Barron                        Deborah Bollinger

Lois Boyce                             Nancy Galloway

Karen Gelfund                        Harriet Goodwin

Marlena Kleit                          Deb Ledley

Jenna Ledley – Associate Volunteer

Matthew Ledley – Associate Volunteer

Sheila Leith                             Betty MacCabe

Debbie Robinson                    Kate Rauscher

Cackie Rogers                        Mary Helen Scattergood

Carol Smith                             Stacy Stone

Ramona Vosbikian

Richelle Rabenou
Opening Night 2019